BleedStop™ First Aid Powder (15g) Pouches

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BleedStop first aid powder for blood clotting on contact one of the most effective emergency essentials for bleeding accidents outdoors and indoorsWounds, lacerations and nosebleeds are part and parcel of life. While conventional supplies such as bandaids or bandages may protect the open wound from further inflammation, they may not be the most effective when it comes to getting the blood to clot. That’s where BleedStop comes in. What is BleedStop A first aid must have that clots blood in just seconds Made from a plant based material in a powder form that, through a proprietary process, concentrates platelets and other clotting factors in the blood to almost instantly create a natural clot that would otherwise take many minutes or hours to form. What are BleedStop effective on Minor to severe bleeding wounds Cuts Scrapes Nosebleeds Why choose BleedStop powder Used by doctors and in emergency rooms across the country Suitable for individuals on blood thinners too Safe and non stinging formula Safe to leave it on wound before bandaging. BLEEDSTOP IS THE ONLY BRAND NAME BLOOD COAGULANT IN ALL WALGREENS, CVS AND WALMART STORES. BleedStop is also available in all RiteAid stores. No other product works as well as BleedStop. STOPS BLEEDING UPON CONTACT: BleedStop powder is quick, safe and easy to use on moderate to severe wounds, lacerations, cuts, scrapes and nosebleeds (for nosebleeds see BleedStop Nosebleed Strip product available on ), making it one of the most essential supplies for every day first-aid, such as kitchen cuts and protecting your children. Also a necessity for rigorous outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and cycling, among others where moderate to severe bleeding wounds can occur. WORKS FOR PEOPLE ON BLOOD THINNERS TOO: Are you taking blood thinners regularly Be assured that BleedStop first-aid powder will work to control bleeding for you too. SAFE and NON STINGING: While BleedStop is used by doctors and in emergency rooms across the country, it can be safely applied on everyone, including kids, whenever needed as it’s a non-stinging formula. HOW TO USE: Simply pour a layer thick enough to cover the entire surface of the wound/laceration before applying firm pressure over the bleeding site using sterile gauze or bandage. BleedStop powder is safe on to leave it on the wound, so it’s not necessary to wash it off before bandaging. Please seek emergency medical treatment if bleeding doesn’t stop after a prolonged period of time.


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