Rocket Pure Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray 4oz

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So Much More than a Shoe Spray Deodorizer. No matter if you’re a club sports player or a professional athlete you can appreciate the versatility of this odor eliminating spray. In fact, we’ve come to realize our customer base is far more than those that consider themselves athletic. Whether you’re a business person on your feet all day, a nurse who just started her second shift, a hockey mom or kid’s basketball coach… you can appreciate the incredible variety of situations this odor eliminator can actually be used in. This spray is not just for shoes and feet. It’s for everything. Use on all your smelly gear; from hat to helmet, to gloves, to gym bags, to boots, and so much more. Scientifically Crafted to be Safe for Bodies. There are a lot of odor eliminators out there, but most of the ones that work only do so because they have heavy chemicals and harmful ingredients. This is because while they kill the smell, they simultaneously hurt more than just the odor-causing agents. On the other hand, natural has come to mean ‘sub-par.’ And it simply doesn’t have to be that way. We believe that with all of the advances humans have made, your body deserves a truly effective but skin-safe, foot, and shoe deodorizer spray. So, we created our own natural formula that is a true smell eliminator; powerful enough for athletes but safe enough for kids. Natural Ingredients that Naturally Work. We created this deodorizer spray knowing full well that to truly eliminate the smell, you have to address it at its source. Our spray was developed using essential oils that naturally get the job done and completely eliminate odor. It then goes to work as a refresher on your foot and shoe (or gear!) We believe confidence comes from using tools and products from companies you can trust, and we will do everything in our power to be just that! POWERFUL SHOE DEODORIZER: Keep your shoes smelling fresh and minty clean with our natural foot and shoe deodorizer spray. This extra strength formula removes and prevents bad odors, leaving your shoes smelling great. DOUBLES AS FOOT SPRAY: Our shoe spray deodorizer can also be used as a foot deodorant, providing a cooling and soothing sensation. Use it to revive tired feet and keep them smelling great all day. EASY TO USE: Simply spray directly onto your shoes or feet for instant odor elimination. The formula dries quickly, so there’s no need to wait for it to absorb. MULTI-USE: Not just for shoes and feet, this odor eliminator can be used on any material including sports equipment, gym bags, backpacks, clothes, pet beds, and more. NATURAL & SAFE: Our shoe odor eliminator is proudly manufactured in the USA with natural ingredients and essential oils. It’s non-toxic, non-GMO, and safe for everyone to use.


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